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Cobb Bar Law Day Award Recipients

Each year the Cobb County Bar Association takes pride in celebrating Law Day in order to recognize the importance of the rule of law in the United States.  The Association views Law Day as an opportunity to reach the Cobb County community and improve the relationship between the Bench and Bar.  By focusing on the local community the association has the greatest affect in the promotion of understanding and positive attitudes toward the legal system.  During this time, the Association recognizes its outstanding members and those members of the community that go above and beyond what is expected of them.  In addition to recognition of these persons, the Association gives back to the community by volunteering for various causes, and raising money for needy families of school children within the limits of Cobb County.

Babe Atkins-Byrne Excellence in Legal Administration Award: 
Recognizing an individual working in the legal field, in a non-attorney capacity, whose primary job responsibility involves providing staff support to an attorney, a group of attorneys, a law firm, or a law related entity, public or private. Formerly known as Administrative Professionalism Award.

2002 Marybeth Shepard
2003 Wendy Portwood 
2004 Brenda Owenby 
2005 Debbie Matthews 
2006 Judith Pulium 
2007 Eric Lange 
2008 Ann Brown 
2009 Lindsay Stinchcomb 
2010 Donna Durrett 
2011 Janet Smith
2012 Shiela Ross
2013 Brenda Jordan 
2014 Kisha Sessoms
2015 Lisa Cantrell
2016 Amanda Marshall
2017 Paul Williamson
2018 Carol Kinstle, Tricia Traeger, Ivone Hughes
2019 Rhonda Cochran

Public Safety Officer of the Year:
Recognizing a full-time public safety officer who either by an exceptional single deed or through a continuous course of conduct demonstrated the highest level of professional and personal standards and respect for our system of laws. 

1983 Larry Soper
1984 Drew Haynes
1985 Jackie Crumm
1986 Barry Banks
1986 Carlton H. Morris
1987 Ron Ridgeway
1988 Eddie Carter
1989 Robert L. Pittman
1990 Charles H. Mazariegos
1991 Jeff Graham
1992 Lewis “Lew” Alder
1993 Robert A. McGee
1994 Nathan Nordstrom
1995 Bob Paukert
1996 David Ingram
1997 Richard Proot
1998 J.D. Ferrell
1999 Fred Brack
2000 LL. “Doc” Gross
2001 Neil Warren
2002 J. T. Gregory
2002 Joseph Bryant
2003 Gregory Abbott
2004 Edward Herman
2005 KK Wrozier
2006 Bob Pierce
2007 Christopher Lee
2008 William Walk
2009 Matthew T. Brown
2009 Robert C. Adair
2009 Joshua T. Rainwater
2010 David L. Dwyer
2011 Mark Bishop
2012 Company 10, Cobb Co.Medical Operations Team
2013 Robert J. Littler III
2014 Lt. Michael Cochran of Powder Springs
2015 Investigator David Chesney
2016 Officer Mike O'Brien
2017 Deputy Ernie Williams
2018 Det. Richard McElwain, Cobb Count Police and Det. Jeremy Lanzing
2019 Chief Deputy Milton Beck Cobb County Sheriff’s Office


Ross Adams Younger Lawyer Award: 
Recognizing a younger lawyer who has made a significant contribution to the legal community and the Cobb County Bar Association and who exemplifies the finest characteristics of a younger lawyer.  This award is given to memorialize the attributes of the late Ross Adams who was dedicated to the profession and love of the law and who exercised leadership in his further dedication to the Bar and public service.

2001 Ross Adams
2002 Andrew Jones
2003 Kelli Wolk
2004 Joel Pugh
2005 Robert Leonard
2006 Mazi Mazloom
2007 Tonya Boga
2008 Althea Caces
2009Allyson Russell-Blair
2010 Darrell Sutton
2011 Sarah Cipperly
2012 Bert Reeves
2013 Robert L. Swartwood, II
2014 M. Chase Swanson
2015 Soo J. Hong
2016 Amanda Mathis
2017 Bert Hummel
2018 Carlos Rodriguez
2018 Stephanie Carman and Adam Rozen

Bobby Cleveland Award:

Recognizing the Cobb County Bar Association member who exemplifies the highest practice of law throughout the preceding year or over the course of their professional career.  This award is given to memorialize the attributes of the late Bobby Cleveland who epitomized this highest level of professionalism; that by conducting himself in this manner was successful to both client and the rule of law and thus received the total respect of the Bench and Bar. 

1991 Scott Edwards
1992 Ralph Kearns
1993 Donald D. Smith
1994 Watson L. White
1995 Jimmy Berry
1996 Hylton Dupree
1997 Fred Bentley, Sr.
1998 L.A. Paulk
1999 Garvis Sams, Sr.
2000 Robert Grayson
2001 Jerry Gentry
2002 Russell Parker
2003 Dennis O’Brien
2004 Richard Powell
2005 Robert Ingram
2006 Ray Gary, Sr.
2007 Conley Ingram
2008 John H. Moore
2009 Debra Bernes
2010 Catherine Vandenberg
2011 Tom Cauthorn
2012 Tom Charron
2013 Diane Woods
2014 Ronald Arthur Lowry
2015 James D. Hogan, Jr.
2016 Ray Gary Jr.
2017 Chandler Bridges
2018 Chief Justice P. Harris Hines
2019 Roger Rozen

Liberty Bell Award: 
Recognizing an individual or entity whose community service has strengthened our system of freedom under the law by promoting a better understanding of and respect for our Constitution and laws. 


2000 Otis Brumby
2001 Harlon Crimm
2002 Anita Barton
2003 Rev. Snyder Turner
2004 Max Bacon
2005 Sam Olens
2006 Robert Lipson
2007 Lisa Rossbacher
2008 Deane Thompson Bonner
2009 Penny & Neil Warren
2010 James “Friday” Richards
2011 Bob Prillaman
2012 Winston Strickland
2013 Connie Kirk
2013 Tommy Nobis
2014 Clifton A. Brashier, Jr
2015 Joe Kirby
2016 Beverly McAfee
2017 TPO Office Legal Advocacy Program
2018 Leigh Colburn
2019 Petrina Fowler

Thomas J. Charron Public Service Award: 
Recognizing a Cobb County Bar Association member dedicated to a full-time practice in prosecution, public interest, education, or government service who has attained a record of extraordinary achievement and a reputation for excel­lence and trust.

2018 Thomas J. Charron
2019 Randy Harris

Criminal Defense Section "Jimmy Berry Champion of Justice " Award:
Recognizing a Cobb County Bar Association member who has strengthened and promoted justice and the Constitution for the citizen accused through one exceptional case or continuous course of conduct.

2013 Jimmy Berry
2014 Kevin J. Rogers
2015 Judge Robert E. Flournoy III
2016 Steve Cook
2017 Ashleigh Merchant and John Merchant
2018 John Hildebrand
2019 Cindi Yeager

CCTLA Judge A. Harris Adams Justice Award:

Recognizing the Cobb County judge that best reflects the Georgia Code of Judicial Conduct preamble statement: “Our legal system is based on the principle that an independent, fair, and compliant judiciary will interpret and apply the laws that govern us.”

2002 M. Russell Carlisle, Jr.
2003 Toby B. Prodgers
2004 David A. Dodd
2005 Ken O. Nix
2006 Robert E. Flournoy, III
2007 David P. Darden
2008 Melodie H. Clayton
2009 Lark Ingram
2010 Stephen Schuster
2011 George H. Kreeger
2012 Kathryn Tanksley
2013 Judge Maria Golick
2014 Judge Kathryn J. Tanksley
2015 Judge Adele P. Grubbs
2016 Judge Irma Glover
2017 Judge David P. Darden
2018 Judge Eric Brewton
2019 Judge Carl Bower

Cobb Justice Foundation Richard L. Moore Award:
Recognizing the Cobb County Bar Association member who has a history of providing or promoting pro bono legal services to Cobb County Legal Aid throughout the course of their career.

1996 Richard Moore
1997 Robert Ingram
1998 Juanita Stedman
1999 Melissa Mullin
2000 Moore, Ingram, Johnson & Steele
2001 Dennis O’Brien
2002 Micheal Brewster
2003 Debbie Pelerose
2004 Diane Woods
2005 David Hartin
2006 Doug Hill
2007 Heidi Geiger
2008 James Ausenbaugh
2009 Kelli Wolk
2010 Richard Moore Family
2011 Freeman Mathis & Gary
2012 Scott Halperin
2013 Dawn Levine
2014 Judge Stephen Schuster
2015 Laurie Rashidi-Yazd
2016 Jeffrey A. Daxe
2016 Alex Manning
2017 Bryan Cave Firm
2018 James D. Hogan
2019 Amanda Riedling

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